H2Owen Pool Chemical Suppliers and Maintenance in Paphos, Peyia, Chloraka Cyprus


The services offered range from twice weekly pool cleaning, pump repairs, new borders, new liners, chemical supplies and consumables to simply offering free advice for anyone who needs that little point in the right direction when having problems maintaining their own pool.

H2Owen addresses these and other questions about pool water chemistry and swimming pool problems. Pool water testing, balancing the water chemistry and general swimming pool maintenance is what they specialise in. All staff are highly trained and through using the latest photometric testing equipment can identify and solve the most common swimming pool problems which many pool owners suffer. Their advanced testing equipment can also be used for less common and more specialised analysis which is rare to find on the island.

In their success they have gained recognition and recommendation to such an extent that they are proud to maintain pools for some of the larger tour operators and hotels as well as many privately owned pools and due to their on-going investment and dedicated staff they are able to keep their prices extremely competitive (average charge for an 8m x 4m pool is €85 incl. chemicals and twice weekly visits).

If you have any concerns about your swimming pool then it is highly recommended that you contact H2Owen for either a one-off water test analysis, with full diagnostic repost or for on-going cleaning and maintenance.

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